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Zero City: Zombie Survival Guide Tips, Cheats And Strategies

Zero City: Zombie Survival Guide Tips, Cheats And Strategies

Let’s take a look at the official Zero City: Zombie Survival guide. This will include tips, cheats, and strategies to help you survive the apocalypse!

Zero City: Zombie Survival is new title by BEINGAME LIMITED. In this game, you build your shelter – build and upgrade the rooms to store and produce resources, train the dwellers, craft weapons, etc., and there are many more things to do.

You can participate in Arena fights, raid other players’ shelters, produce offsprings for more resources, etc. For today’s Zero City guide and Zero City tips & tricks post, we’ll cover all basic concepts in detail. Let’s get started!

Zero City: Zombie Survival Guide 

The game has a variety of challenges, including feeding the inhabitants, upgrading rooms, defending against monsters and zombies, and training your crew. Players begin with a free shelter where they can build rooms to house their many dwellers. Each room has its own specific purpose as well. For example, the dining hall produces food while the printing shop produces cash.

The main room in the shelter is a command center – the place where you manage the building’s level, rooms and other buildings. To upgrade it, tap on any room and tap the information button to see what resources you need to spend.

These are the types of resources for you to produce: –

  • Dining Hall – Produces food
  • Foundry – Produces Steel
  • Chemical Laboratory – Produces reagents
  • Lumber Mill – Produces wood
  • Print Shop – Produces cash

You will need to build the warehouse rooms in the shelter in order to store these resources: –

  • Reagent Warehouse – Stores reagent
  • Wood Warehouse – Stores Wood
  • Steel Warehouse – Stores Steel
  • Refrigerator – Stores food
  • Vault – Stores Cash

When you open the game, you’ll see a number of resources on the left-hand side that you own. Next to the icon to see details is the number of inserts and pounds in each title that has been produced. If there’s a big upgrade, such as when a new level opens up, it might be time to invest in the storehouse and production room upgrades. For example: To upgrade command offered 6/Level One (level 6) requires 270,000. If your vault can only house 50,000, then it would not be possible to reach Level Six without upgrading your vault first.

How to get dwellers in Zero City: Zombie Survival

The main way to get dwellers in the Zero City: Zombie Survival game is by sending your male character and female character in the living room. In the first tutorial, the game will teach players how to send a dweller from one room to another.

All you need to do is send your male and female characters to the living room, at which point they’ll make love for awhile and later give birth to a baby dwelling.

In order for these two characters to develop a liking for each other, they will need to spend some time in the living room. For this to happen -> tap the living room -> tap info -> here you can see how long it will take before breeding success is achieved.

How long does it take to have the baby? 

Tap to care in the living room. You’ll see the baby icon above the female dweller. If you tap the baby, you’ll be able to check the growth bar and collect that little one. The baby will take some time to grow into a small animal before you can use him/her. And You can also unlock new residents through IAPs offers and campaigns, too!

Zero City: Zombie Survival Dweller Classes

You can alter the specialization of your class in your shelter by tapping on any dweller and then selecting classes on the left side of each individual’s profile under their specific work area. This allows you to decide whether that particular class specializes in a field such as cooking or fighting. By changing what these classes are well-suited for, you can take advantage of all the different activities that your survivors have access to.

  • Cook Class – Train in the kitchen
  • Accountants – Train in the accounting office
  • Researchers – Train in the experimental lab
  • Carpenter – Train in the carpentry workshop
  • Metallurgists – Train in the forge room
  • Fighter – Train in the gym

It’s possible to improve the dwellers that you have in your town. By improving we mean they can increase their class attributes, which gives more benefit and allows them to carry higher-rank armors.

How to use Dwellers in Zero City Game?

The dwellers can be used in a variety of situations, but it’s best to match them based on their class. For example, you’ll have lower odds at winning battles if you invite a cook to fight. The cook has a useful skill that can help you produce more food throughout the game. Therefore, it’s best to place accountants in print shops because they improve cash production.

  • Cook – Dining Hall
  • Accountant – Print Shop
  • Fighter – Barracks
  • Researchers – Chemical Laboratory
  • Carpenter – Lumber Mill
  • Metallurgists – Foundary

Choose your class of creature and make him or her an inevitable character in your Tap demo. For example, give him a cooking skill in the dining hall.

How to Remove a Dweller From the Shelter?

Once the population for your shelter has reached a certain number, you may want to remove those who are under performing from your shelter. This can be done by selecting a dweller -> tapping the menu button that appears next to their name to banishing them. Similarly, you can increase population or the maximum number of survivors in the shelter by constructing and upgrading rooms such as the living room.

Zero City: Zombie Survival Tips, Tricks and Strategies

Check out our Zero City: Zombie Survival guide to learn all the secrets to surviving. Find all our tips, tricks and strategies in this concise guide!

Get The Happiness Bonus

Make sure to check their happiness sometimes, as the dwellers will continue to provide energy until they’re happy. Tap the sad face to collect frowns and avoid negative emotions. From time to times, you’ll see some smileys on their faces. Tap them to collect smileys and keep them happy to maximize your happiness.

Place Dwellers Wisely

Achieving the dream of owning an underground refuge can be tough. Follow our step-by-step guide in order to maximize your future success with these helpful tips. We recommend thinking about how each inhabitant will contribute and place them accordingly without overcrowding any areas. For example, set to the dining hall for a cook, accountant and library – the workhorses!

Equip The Gears

When the dungeons buff the gear, make sure to take advantage of the powers. Some gears have different buffs like boosts to someone’s food production, cash production, or DPS/Health/Healing like stats for fighters. For more details on what gear is best suited to your needs, read our breakdown.

Don’t Waste Cryptocoins

In order to build something, your first step will be to create blueprints. Once you build something and brand it with a unique title, you can embed posts about this product on your blog. Builders will also help you increase the length of the blog post automatically in the app so that visitors get the most out of their experience.

Train The Dwellers

Teach them to increase their attributes so that they can work with high-quality gears. More attribute means more benefit and they’ll be able to carry the highest-ranked gear.

Complete The Missions

Storyline Missions are a key part of Affiline. They give you resources, crates, and tokens that can be redeemed for weapons and more. On the left side of the screen, tap the mobile button to take a look at what they have going on. Daily Missions offer rewards like documents. Once you complete enough challenges, there will be a crate to get a special reward from. A crate can include better gear! 


In this post, we’ve discussed everything you need to know about what is in Zero City: Zombie Survival. If you have any additional tips that you think would help others, please feel free to share them in the comments below. Good luck!

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